What resolutions and formats do you offer?

All our videos and collections are delivered in Quicktime format for maximum compatibility on Mac and PC platforms. We use the Photo-JPEG (PJPEG) codec for maximum quality with minimum file size. The majority of our videos and collections are available in high definition 720p and 1080p. Select videos and collections are available in ultra-high definition 4k. All our videos and collections are available in low resolution and standard definition.

Most computers already have Quicktime pre-installed. However, if your system is missing Quicktime, install the latest version of QuickTime available free at http://www.apple.com/quicktime.


What do you charge for your videos, collections and libraries?

Pricing depends on three basic factors to help you save the most money each and every time you shop with us:

Resolution - higher resolutions generally are priced higher. Product Type - the price/video is much lower when you purchase in a theme collection or library. Libraries always include the deepest discounts available on this website. Bundle Builder - The automated bundle builder is always working to save you money in the background as you add products to your cart. You will find it at the bottom of the website as well. The idea is simple: the more a-la-carte videos or collections you add to your cart, the lower the average price for each. Give it a try - and explore ways to save up to 40% off every single order! [static-block folder="checkout/bundle-builders" block="promo-table"]

What is the Automated Bundle Builder?

The Automated Bundle Builder (ABB) is located at the bottom of this website and automatically calculates your discounts each time you shop with us. It also will remind you when you have reached price breaks, earned free items and help lower your cost.

To find out what special deals the Automatic Bundle Builder offers you at any time as well as other cost saving promotions, make sure to check out the Promotions Area of our website!

What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express. In addition we also accept Paypal using your Paypal ID. These choices will be presented to you in the last step of checkout. By special arrangement we also accept bank wires, checks, money orders and payment by fax.

Payment options

How will you deliver my loops?

Immediately following checkout you will be taken directly to your My Downloads area where all of your current and previous purchases are located. All products purchased on this website are downloadable. If you purchase collections or libraries, you may also request to receive your order on DVD-ROM, BluRay-ROM or External USB3.0 hard drive for a small materials fee*. This option will be presented in checkout along with a range of shipping options from USPS, UPS and FedEX.

MediaShipping Providers

* Even if you select a shipping option you still will have access to your downloads immediately after checkout.

Is there a way to improve downloading materials from the website?

In addition to our standard download service from this website, we also offer our exclusive Sequential Downloader application (aka SeqDL) you can install on any Mac or PC. This software can greatly increase the download efficiency by allowing you to select up to 300 files at a time. This is usually the preferred method of downloading large collection bundles or libraries containing hundreds or even thousands of videos. You will find the download link to this in your account.


Will your material work on my computer?

The clips are designed to be compatible with every video related application capable of using Quicktime video. If your software works with Quicktime files these files will work on your computer. To check compatibility with your system, please sign-up for a free account to gain access to 24 free loops. You may use the free loops to test with - and you may use them royalty-free in your projects as well. If you can import the free Quicktime files into your software you will be able to use all the videos purchased on this site.

What if I need to use a different codec for my software?

We use Quicktime Photo-JPEG to cover a majority of uses. However there are times when a different codec is better in some circumstances. We found the best place to find spyware-free batch cross-encoder utilities are on http://download.cnet.com/ Simply search for "video converter" to browse the dozens of choices.

Do you remove the ReligiousLoops logo from my purchased loops?

Yes. The watermark will be removed in all files you have purchased.

What are the differences between the resolutions you offer?

Screen Resolutions

What is "Standard Definition" NTSC and PAL?

NTSC (720x486) and PAL (720x576) are the two most popular standardized video formats in the world.

Our NTSC and PAL videos use standard 4:3 aspect ratio. If you purchase either standard definition format, they are always both available for you to download.

However, if you choose to have the standard definition videos shipped on disc, only the format you selected will be included on disc. To find out which standard format is used in your country, please visit http://countrycode.org/tv-standards

What is "High Definition" 720p and 1080p?

720p is an older HD format with dimensions of 1280x720 that balances cost with quality. It is still widely used on LED walls and older TV and projection systems that can not display higher resolution 1080p or 4k formats. 1080p is the industry standard high resolution video format of 1920x1080.

When purchasing 1080p material you will also receive 720p, NTSC and PAL formats as instant downloads for convenience.

However, if you choose to have the 1080p videos shipped on disc, only the 1080p videos will be included on disc (not the 720p, NTSC and PAL files).

What is "Ultra High Definition" 4k?

4k is the newest and highest resolution format to date. It boasts 4x the resolution of 1080p using a ultra clear 3840x2160 frame size. 4k content guarantees your content is future-proofed against the new line-up of UHD TVs currently flooding the industry.

When purchasing 4k material you will also receive all other high definition and standard definition formats as instant downloads for convenience.

However, if you choose to have the 4k videos shipped on disc, only the 4k videos will be included on disc (not the 1080p, 720p, NTSC and PAL files).

Can I play shipped DVDROMs on my home DVD player?

No. Any DVDROMs or BLURAY-ROMs we ship you contain the raw Quicktime video files for computer software only. However we have another website dedicated to premixed DVDs and BluRay that may better fit your needs at www.VisualDVDs.com

How do I create longer running loops using your clips?

For Live Performance: Since the majority of our videos are seamlessly loopable, simply play the clip and set to "forward loop" in your live software. The video will appear to play indefinitely.

For Editors: After importing the clip into your editing timeline, simply place additional copies of the same loop back-to-back in the timeline to create the desired length. The video will loop seamlessly with a majority of our clips.

Are your videos royalty-free?

Yes. For details please check our license agreement link at the bottom of this website.